Our company is a professional for many years engaged in large-scale imported systems (distributed control systems, programmable controllers, redundant fault-tolerant control systems, robotic systems) spare parts sales. Main brands Foxboro, Tricon, Ovation, Motorola, Xycom, ABB, Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Yaskawa, Woodward and other imported automation system spare parts sales and system integration of high-tech enterprises.

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  • How to learn DCS control system


    With the development of automation technology, the original PLC controller can no longer meet the requirements of some large projects. In this case, the DCS control system came into being. Dcs control system, also known as distributed control system, is a new type of computer control system relat...

  • How to solve the anti-interference problem of PLC control system


    1. Overview With the development of science and technology, The application in industrial control is more and more extensive. PLC The reliability of the control system directly affects the safe production and economic operation of industrial enterprises, and the anti-interference ability of the s...

  • Fault prevention in designing programmable control system


    In modern industrial production, a large number of programmable control systems have been used. Programmable controllers can work normally under harsh working conditions, but the control system formed by them sometimes fails due to design, installation, interference and other factors. Some proble...

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